4th Earth System Modelling School

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology MPI-M, and the German Climate Computing Centre DKRZ in Hamburg, Germany, announce the 4th Earth System Modeling School. EaSyMS2010 succeeds summer schools held in 2007, 2008 at MPI-M, Hamburg, Germany, and 2009 in Helsinki, Finland.


Participants of EaSyMS10 will experience a well-balanced mixture of lectures on Earth system modeling, specific model approaches, and hands-on training sessions on using the COSMOS Earth system model (ESM). Evening lectures and social events will complement the daily activities.
Lecturers and instructors are experienced scientists from MPI-M and our partner institutes in the COSMOS activity. EaSyMS10 will be located on the KlimaCampus in Hamburg. Participants can expect an in-depth scientific, technological and methodological course on the use of the COSMOS ESM, as well as on effective post-processing and analysis using as examples the data produced during the practical sessions.


The school primarily addresses IMPRS-ESM PhD students. The number of participants is restricted to 20. In case not all slots are taken by IMPRS-ESM PhD students we are happy to accept PhD students from other schools, early-career scientists (post-docs) as well as other professionals working on topics in Earth system modeling. Applicants are expected to be:

  • Highly interested in climate/Earth system research (e.g. a field or scientific question to which configurations of the COSMOS modeling framework apply)
  • Acquainted to high level programming languages like Fortran, C, or C++ (preferably the participant should have some programming experience of model codes)
  • Familiar with LINUX / Unix (basic knowledge of Unix systems, and scripts)
  • Proficient in English as a working language


Application & Registration:

The registration procdure is over, all seats have been assigned.

The morning and evenening lecture(s) are open to the interested public, the afternoon-hands-on-sessions are only accessible to registered users.


Click here for the presentations from the school.


Please find a timetable here (pdf, 66 KB). The flyer is here (pdf, 2 MB).


IMPRS-ESM office: Cornelia Kampmann,office.imprs@zmaw.de Tel.: 040 41173 467


Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ)
Lecture Hall
Bundesstraße 45a; D-20146 Hamburg

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